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The Annual International Medical Students (AIMS) Meeting is an international medical congress hosted at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, entirely held by students every year during the month of March. With renowned international and national speakers and a huge range of practical workshops on several medical fields, this is one of the most complete and alluring congresses for students in Europe. Since it is a three-day congress, each one is based on a subject module and all the scientific lectures related to it. Besides these, there are also keynote lectures, clinical and scientific competitions, a Research Competition (poster, oral and plenary sessions) and a science speed dating with doctors and researchers.
It is our main purpose to promote an enriching scientific setting for learning, interaction and communication among students, health professionals and researchers alike. As we deeply value the social and cultural dimensions of the human being, the AIMS Meeting also includes a social program and a charity program for all its participants.

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Croatian Student Summit – CROSS is an international science congress for students and young
scientists in the biomedical field which has, over the last few years, found itself as one of the leading
students’ congresses in Croatia as well as in this European region.
This year’s topic is: Neuroscience





The iMed Conference is a Scientific Medical congress organised by students from Nova Medical School. Its main goal is to bring the latest innovations in the Life Sciences’ field to students from all over the world.
You’ll have the chance to hear prestigious speakers, wholeheartedly experience our humanitarian lectures, engage in dynamic workshops and so much more. Additionally, we encourage you to take part in our glamorous social programme.
As you’ll get the chance to see, our project is more than just a congress, it’s a bridge between students’ Curricular Programs and the most recent discoveries worldwide. Therefore we aim to break boundaries and keep Sparking Innovation.

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IMEDSCOP (International Medical Students’ Conference in Poltava) is an annual
event held in Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. The main purpose of this
gathering is to bring to light the newest scientific developments and to encourage
academic discussion and progress among students. The conference assembles young
aspiring researchers from all over the world.



29th International Medical Students’ Conference, Cracow 2021 (IMSC) organized by Students’ Scientific Society of the Jagiellonian Univeristy Medical College takes place from the 22nd to the 24th of April 2021. The Conference is a great opportunity for medical students from all over the world to present their research work in front of an international audience. The Conference is at the same time the competition for the best students’ papers.``

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The IX In4Med is an international Scientific and Medical Congress, which will take place from
February 27 th to March 1 st , 2020, in Coimbra, Portugal, with the motto "Lighting the way,
starting today!"

This year, we aim to enlighten and to inspire, providing our participants talks with doctors and
scientists of high international regard, a wide range of workshops and pre-courses, and an
exquisite social programme.

In4Med represents not only the most recent scientific achievements but also our goal of
developing our humanistic capacities. For this reason, and as our motto says, we aim to begin
our path today by exploring our most creative self.

For more information visit our website. We are looking forward to meeting

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The International Student Congress Of (bio)Medical Sciences, also known as ISCOMS, is one of the world’s leading student congresses in (bio)medical sciences. ISCOMS is not just any regular congress however, it is a non-profit organisation made up of students that aims to promote student research and the international exchange of it. Throughout our three day congress we therefore offer a stimulating venue for student research exchange and give students the opportunity to broaden their social and scientific network. Our scientific programme includes different researches from students all over the world which are presented in poster, oral or plenary form, all in front of an international and professional audience. Along with these student sessions there will be fascinating keynote lectures and hands-on workshops. Along with a rich scientific programme we also have an elaborate social programme, filled with dinners and parties giving a chance for all the participants to get to know and have fun with each other and the ISCOMS organisation. For this years’ edition, we will make sure that all activities planned will be within the confines of the COVID-19 confinements.



uvenes Pro Medicina is the annual congress that is organized by Students’ Scientific Society at the Medical University of Lodz for 52 years now. As it allows integrating young medical societies, we have over 300 active participants each year and this number is still increasing.



MEDICS is the annual conference of the Scientific Organisation of Medical Students. Evolution has always been a core value of MEDICS. This year we are proudly organising the 6th edition in a hybrid format. You can now attend live virtual conferences and virtual workshops from the comfort of your home while also being able to book a select number of our engaging in-person workshops. One thing that has not changed is the quality of our events: Nobel prize lectures, Keynote lectures held by world-renowned speakers and innovative workshops.

Join us – we’ll bring the science. 



he Minho Medical Meeting promises to unveil everything in its XIII edition, through new scientific sessions, new spaces for debate, new workshops and many other novelties of what is a constantly evolving science - Medicine! Be aware of the future of the medical profession and of  Medicine of the Future on the 26th, 27th and 28th of March 2021.



We are witnesses of a complete transformation of our everyday life. Encouraged by that, this year's theme of OSCON is "Pandemic: the new normal", and the congress will be held on March 19 and 20, 2021 in Osijek. The coronavirus pandemic has shaped a world we have only seen in movies so far. If we go back in history, we will see that this isn’t the first time that a highly infectious virus has crept into human lives. The last pandemic of the modern world - the Spanish flu, took 50 million lives in just one year. At the congress, you will find out how modern medicine fights SARS-CoV-2 a hundred years later and what epidemiologists and other experts have learned about the virus so far.

Such situations pose new challenges and questions for each of us - whether social distancing and self-isolation will be the only possible way of life in the future and whether the end of the pandemic is in sight, we will try to find out together at OSCON 2021.



Scientific Society aims at preparing medical students to become active and contributing researchers of a global society. It encourages the development of a scientific approach, effective communication, leadership skills and cooperative work



The YES (Young European Scientist) Meeting is an international conference organized by students from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, in Portugal. Its major goal is to provide a global platform of scientific and cultural exchange to biomedical students all over the world. Our target audience consists of undergraduate biomedical students and recently graduate students who wish to present their research work. Furthermore, any student interested in learning about cutting-edge innovations may attend the conference and enjoy our Scientific and Workshops Programme and Clinical Competition, as well as have the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Porto or enjoy our Gala Dinner, an event included in our Social Programme.

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