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At the Antwerp Medical Students' Congress, we understand that attendance can be an expensive endeavor for some applicants. In an effort to facilitate intellectual and scientific development, we have decided to provide travel grants for a certain number of ​active participants. An active participant is defined as an AMSC participant presenting research during the congress.

The following rules have been set:

- We cover up to a maximum of 50% of your travel expenses.
- The maximum amount to be granted is set at €300.-.
- Travel grants will only be awarded after actually attending the registered days.
- The travel grant can will awarded to a participant exclusively via bank transfer.

Application process
In order to apply for a Travel Grant, please fill in the form below, including the following information:


  1. Participant email and name (same as in the preregistration)

  2. Title of the paper that you will be presenting

  3. Letter of motivation: tell us why you need the travel grant and why you should get it. Also elaborate on your motivation to attend this edition of AMSC.

  4. The expected amount of your travel expenses: please provide us with your expected travel expenses. We would like to ask you to attach at least three booking offers to your application. To support as many participants as possible, we will use the cheapest fare to calculate your personal grant. Therefore, please be honest. 

The deadline of application is the same as the deadline for abstract submissions. Go to for deadline information. You can request a travel grant before (or after) your abstract has been accepted.

Please note that not all travel grant applications will be accepted. A selection will be made, based upon the application we received and the quality of the submitted abstract.

Upload file
Upload file
Upload file

Request submitted successfully. We'll try to get back to you soon.

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