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These individuals help us share our congress with the broadest audience possible.

Want to join our ambassador programme and receive benefits for promoting our activities? We accept new applicants throughout most of the year, just submit an application by clicking the button below, and we'll get back to you!

Amal El Ghazi

Amal El Ghazi_edited.jpg

Hello! I'm Amal El Ghazi, a dedicated medical student entering my fifth year of medical studies in Antwerp. My educational journey began in Hasselt, where I completed my bachelor's degree.
The Antwerp Medical Students' Congress holds importance for me as I continue my studies. Beyond serving as a platform for sharing medical knowledge, it's a unifying event for individuals driven by a shared passion for healthcare and well-being. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from esteemed medical professionals and connect with fellow students who share my aspirations.
Becoming an ambassador for the congress was a decision fueled by my eagerness to contribute to its growth and impact. By motivating fellow students to actively participate in this enriching event, I aim to drive continuous advancement within our medical careers. As an ambassador, I aspire to foster connections among students, educators, and practitioners, leaving a lasting impression on Antwerp's medical community and beyond.
Collaboratively, we can influence the direction of medicine, fostering advancement and elevating healthcare standards for the betterment of everyone.

Basil Mary Eldo.jpg

Basil Mary Eldo

I'm Dr Basil Mary Eldo and I'm from India, a country that has a deep-rooted connection with medicine that spans centuries. As for me the Antwerp Medical Students' Congress, holds a special significance as it represents a dynamic platform where aspiring medical professionals converge to exchange knowledge, ideas, and insights. The opportunity to become an ambassador for such an event is appealing because it aligns with my goal of facilitating communication and sharing information across various domains. The potential to contribute to the medical community by helping students engage in meaningful discussions and collaborative learning is what motivates me to be a part of the Antwerp Medical Students' Congress. Be a part of AMSC as it helps to broaden your horizons, exposes you to cutting-edge technologies, and prepare you for challenges of the ever-evolving medical landscape.

David Okunola.jpg

David Okunola

My Name is Okunola David Ayodele, I’m from Nigeria
I’m a 5th year Medical Student, Studying in Ukraine but currently due to the ongoing war I will be Transferring to Serbia.
I Envision to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon and be a part of WHO to promoting Healthy Living.
I’ve attended, presented and participated in quite some conferences in Ireland, Bulgaria, Austria and the Netherlands.
My Vision for Volunteering as an Ambassador is to see myself and my fellow Healthcare Related Practitioner Aspirants (Doctors, Nurses, Biomedicals, Researchers, Pharmacist and others) Pursuing our Dreams and passion to becoming the best in our areas of specialty as God is leading them by exposing ourselves to Gatherings of Medics where there is Exchange of Knowledge, Contacts for Future collaborations in Researches and New Discoveries.
To accomplish this vision I saw that AMSC is a good platform for myself and colleagues to participate in and it gives the privileges to Participate during the  Keynote speakers lectures, workshops, Social Events and to meet new colleagues from different parts of the world.

Michail Koutentakis

Michail Koutentakis.jpg

My name is Michail Koutentakis, and I was born and raised in Greece. In 2019, my journey led me to Warsaw, where I have been meticulously learning the art and science of medicine. I am soon to be a 5th-year medical student and have developed a particular fascination with surgery, intent on mastering the precision and intricacy it demands. My aspiration extends beyond becoming an adept surgeon, dreaming of making meaningful contributions to elevate the surgical discipline.

Alongside my passion for surgery, I am also interested in clinical and pre-clinical research, particularly in the fields of cardiology and cardiac surgery, oncology, and notably plastic and reconstructive surgery. Recognizing the power of research to revolutionize medicine, I am eager to advance this critical front. I believe in the importance of a diverse experience, hence my active involvement in 17 organizations as both a member and a mentor, honing my skills and perspectives.

The AMSC Conference grabbed my attention because it aligns with my pursuits. Attending it has multi-fold significance. First, it offers an expansive platform to keep abreast with the latest advancements in medical science, thereby fortifying my academic knowledge. It presents an unrivalled opportunity to learn from and interact with eminent personalities and fellow students in the field of medicine, leading to valuable exchanges of ideas and insights. I chose to represent the AMSC as an ambassador, seeing it as a platform to advance my knowledge, develop my leadership skills, foster global connections, and ultimately, contribute to enhancing patient lives. Lastly, as someone who is deeply invested in the field of research, the conference could open doors to collaborative research opportunities. Overall, the AMSC Conference is a stepping stone towards achieving my goal of becoming a leading surgeon and medical scientist and making a tangible difference in the healthcare sector.


Mukiza Prince Cesar.jpg

Mukiza Prince Cesar

I am M. PRINCE CESAR from easter Africa a researcher in medical field. 

Medicine is an honourable and challenging vocation many aspire to. Medical world is full of intellectual, ethical, physical and emotional challenges which doctors face daily, but yet this creates a dynamic profession I have always envisaged working closely with people in an intellectually stimulating environment and in my opinion, a career in medicine is one of the best ways to achieve this, blending the analytical thinking of a scientist with the compassion of a carer.

AMSC is perfect in that it allows students to share knowledge and present abstract, networking with others from all over the world, career development, inspirations and motivation, with all those benefits I chose to become an ambassador  and promote the congress.

Rabea Bin Saad.jpg

Rabea Bin Saad

Hello there! My name is Rabea Bin Saad, I’m currently entering my 5th year of Medicine at the University of Antwerp. My academic journey commenced in Hasselt, where I completed my bachelor's degree.

Other than being passionate about medicine, the reason I entered this field is to contribute to the representation of my community.

The Antwerp Medical Students' Congress, to me, signifies more than just a gathering; it's a significant platform that unites like-minded medical enthusiasts to exchange ideas, form meaningful connections, and result in innovative breakthroughs. This event aligns with my personal and professional aspirations.

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