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Photo Wireko Andrew Awuah.jpg


Hi, my name is Wireko Andrew Awuah, a medical student of Sumy State University. Aside from college and academics, I have also been involved actively in various extracurricular activities. Being the amongst the very few people in Eastern Europe to participate in the Emory Global Case Competition(USA), I am trying my possible best to extend its wings to my campus and also serving as the country lead for Medbiz Innovative program as well.
As a young scientist, I serve as an ambassador for over 15 European and UK medical conferences and 10 other social networks. I also serve as an Editorial Board Member for the Harvard Public Health Review and the British Student Doctor Journal. My huge involvements have won me reputable awards like Best International Medical Student Award of my University and the Young Scientist  Award 2021 from VGOOD Technology.
I have participated in numerous conferences actively and passively with a number of publications and I believe that this reputable conference will serve as a great opportunity for all medical students particularly in Ukraine to present their wonderful research works.

Photo Abhigan Babu Shrestha.jpg


I am Abhigan Babu Shrestha, 5th year medical student from Rajshahi university. During this pandemic I got myself engaged in various congresses, became ambassadors and even did some research works. For me it was like stepping a fathom away from my boundary. It's never too late to start a new journey. With this I became an ambassador of AMSC 2021 this year, adding even more thrill to my experience. I believe sharing a common platform of research works would help us understand each other's perspective, culture and practice of medicine.

Photo Abdallah Albordaini.jpg


Introducing  myself  as  Dr. Abdallah Albordaini. I had graduated  from  faculty of dentistry  2015 at  AL_ Azhar  University Gaza  Palestine. I am  the  cofounder  of Palestinian Association of Dental Students. I had finished  my  specialization  in Facial Aesthetics. I am an international  speaker in Botox, Filler, POD, Threads, PRF, PRP 
I have participated and was selected  many times as Ambassador for  WIMC, AIMS, ISC, BIMCO and MEDICALIS. 
I am very interested to make new  friendship and form bridges of connection  between us which will make a lot of benefits for our futures plans.
This year I think AMSC will  be different, I wish that we can share  a lot of stories and exchange many  ideas and  discuss  our  future challenges. AMSC will  be a great   opportunity  for  all parts of the medical field to join the congress.



I am Akua Adwubi Asare. I am a Ghanaian and a final year Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science student of the University for Development Studies in Ghana. I have been a part of quite a number of Ambassadorship programs and my recent one is with the 16th Young Europeans Scientists Meeting. I have attended a lot of conferences in the field of Health, Climate Change, Education and Sustainable Development Goals and I have learnt a lot from great scientists and people of change from all over the world. 
I am honored to be a part of this great organization and I must say I am ready to learn! From all the ambassadors and the leaders of this organization. I have learnt in the past year that distance can never be a barrier to whatever one decides to do and that if any opportunity comes you grab it regardless of your location. I therefore encourage each and everyone to take up opportunities when they see them and not despise any. It’s my first time being an AMSC Ambassador and I am ready to gain more knowledge and share it with my colleagues and friends in Ghana. I would also encourage everyone to visit all the AMSC social media platforms and websites to be a part of us. Researchers and students from all over the world.

Photo Noble Appah.jpg


I am Noble Appah, a 5th Year Medical Student from Sumy State University, Ukraine. I love to research, explore, and try new cultures.  Future Trauma and orthopaedic surgeon. 
It is a privilege to be an AMSC Ambassador for my community. I have been with AMSC since 2018 and promoting AMSC in my community in my best way as possible.
This congress is perfect for all students in the (para)medical field (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, biomedical sciences, and nursery) to share their knowledge with students from across the world.  I enjoyed every bit of last year's congress which was online and can’t wait for us to meet again in person.
I am look forward to meeting you at our next AMSC.



I’m Salahuddin Ahmed from Bangladesh. Currently I’m studying post-graduation at Sofia university, Bulgaria. As a Pharmacist I have great interest in exploring the world of medicine with new research and plan to lead with acknowledgement which will help me in getting more amazing ideas of new projects in my healthcare career. AMSC is a great opportunity for medical students and healthcare professionals around the globe to work and interact with each other. Being ambassador of AMSC I am honored to spread the words for my organization to prevail more successfully in every new session which they provide to medical students to bring up new research and ideas. It was an amazing opportunity to learn something new, to improve my knowledge and communication skills, and to meet people with similar interests.

Photo Priyanka Chahal .jpg


My name is Priyanka Chahal. My nationality is Indian. I am studying medicine (3rd Year) in S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyz Republic. I have great interest in Medical world, as I always have curiosity to learn and experience new things that can make me grow both personally and professionally. I have attended different Conferences, which helped me a lot in many ways.
I have been involved in student activities, organization skills and by organising various events and projects. I would like to take this opportunity and I will share the importance of this congress with other students. 
I am sincerely honored and it is my immense pleasure to be an Ambassador for AMSC. This year is going to be my first year as AMSC ambassador and I am sure it's gonna be a great experience for me. I will sure encourage and motivate others to join this Amazing Congress.

Photo Abdul-Rahman Toufik.jpeg


Hello young students and researchers around the globe. My name is Abdul-Rahman Toufik. I am a medical student at sumy state university and the CEO of Toufik's World Organization. My job as an AMSC ambassador is to positively represent AMSC in Ukraine, promote it via social media platforms and through word of mouth marketing, help encourage and provide young students and researchers with the opportunity to present their wonderful research at AMSC.

Photo Mashkur Isa.jpg


Warm Greetings!
I’m Mashkur Isa, a recent medical graduate from the Bukovinian State Medical University and current Master of Public Health student at the University of Sheffield. Over the years, I have grown as an advocate for global health medical education, youth leadership and development serving as an ambassador for 50+ conferences.  AMSC is an opportunity to jump into the world of science; listen to amazing lectures from renowned speakers, participate in hands-on workshops and much more.
Being an AMSC ambassador for the 5th time, I urge you all to seize this opportunity as there have been several upgrades to ensure a fulfilling, fun and memorable experience! You absolutely don’t want to miss out! Feel free to contact me for any enquiries

Photo Dao Thi Ngoc Huyen.JPG.jpg


 My name is Dao Thi Ngoc Huyen and I am a fresh graduate from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy at HCMC (UMP). My specialty interest is intensive care medicine (ICM) which is an exciting and dynamic specialty with the responsibility for caring for the most critically ill patients. There are many reasons why I choose this specialty. Firstly, ICM has lots of cutting edge techniques for detection and treatment such as mechanical ventilation, ECMO, renal replacement… so that requires doctors to learn more multidisciplinary medicine to improve their knowledge. Secondly, the job of an intensivist is highly demanding.

My career objective is to be both a well-trained clinician and a good researcher to dedicate my life to developing Vietnam’s healthcare. My desired career path is to seek an abroad scholarship to become a doctor of philosophy.

I am a hard-working, active and studious individual. Being ambassador of AMSC would be a great opportunity for me to make acquaintance with professors, mentors and peers from other universities and hospitals and introduce AMSC to Vietnamese medical students who want to research and learn medical knowledge.

Photo Bojana Gradanski.jpeg


Hi, my name is Bojana Građanski and I'm a medical student at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad, Serbia. 
Studying medicine has really made me realize how much is important to be constantly upgrading your knowledge and keep up with research results in order to be able to provide great medical care. 
Being AMSC ambassador second year in a row is a huge privilege for me. In addition to being surrounded by these amazing inspiring young people, this is a remarkable experience and a great way to learn new things and hear about significant discoveries. 
Please do not hesitate to join us this year.

Photo Md Al Hasibuzzaman.jpg


I am always a person exploring things and want to learn more. When I was ten years old, I attended Bangladesh Scouts and learned how to help people. When I attended high school, I was in a cantonment school. I attend BNCC, it’s a military-based organization and I see an opportunity to help people. Now I am in Ningbo university medical school and vice leader of an international student union. I always want to become a leader. I think a doctor needs to be a leader. As a future doctor, I just do not want to guide people but also help them. In this world, we need each other's help. Everyone needs help. Why not make a beautiful world by helping each other. I want to learn more and share ideas. Besides, it's a great opportunity for me to attend the Antwerp Medical Students' Congress and share my ideas with lots of talented people.

Photo Alex Araya Morales.png


Hello! I’m Alex Araya, a medical student from the Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile.
This is my second year being an AMSC ambassador, a great congress where you can share your knowledge and make friends with people from all around the world, also gain new experiences with the exclusive workshops and keynotes of the event!
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions :)

Photo Shahrukh Shahriar.jpeg


My name is Shahrukh Shahriar, I am a final year medical student from Bangladesh. Being a medical student, I have a huge interest in understanding the medical topics properly and use this knowledge to the people around the world.
International Conference is a very good platform to add my knowledge and broader my vision.
AMSC is going to be a wonderful opportunity for medical students around the globe to work and interact with each other.
Being an ambassador, it will be my honor to spread about this conference to my friends and fellow juniors.

Photo Faizan Akram.jpg


My name is Faizan Akram. I am doing M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy) in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Faculty of Pharmacy, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

Previously, I was an AMSC ambassador for more than four editions, and I have to say that I was really happy to promote AMSC in my country! I hope AMSC 2021 will be even more exciting. It is a splendid chance to meet individuals from everywhere throughout the world (completely phenomenal specialists and researchers!, to tell everybody about your exploration and get reasonable feedback on it, and obviously begin to look all starry-eyed at the Antwerp until the end of time!

I have always been thinking about my future, building a career, becoming a successful person, and generally finding my own path in life. I think I have a chance to meet such great keynotes and extra-ordinary young researchers from all over the world with different cultures, building new connections in the AMSC 2021 edition. I will be involved in hands-on workshops and have the chance to participate in the World Health Assembly, which is a great experience. I am sure it will change my way of thinking and broaden my horizons. I suggest AMSC with all my friends because it is an incredible opportunity to learn and meet partners and companions forever.

You can contact me in case of any questions by email:



Hello! I am Moumita Kar, a 5th year medical student of Chattagram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital Medical College. I am very glad to be a part of AMSC. Thank you.

Photo Milena Bozinovic.jpg


I am a final year medical student at the Faculty of  Medicine in Foča, University of  East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I would like to express my interest in the position of Ambassador of  your Congress. I have experience with these things because I was already the ambassador of the congress in Leiden a couple of years ago and this year I am the ambassador of the congress in Cyprus. Behind me are numerous participations in national and international congresses, as well as papers in journals. I really like scientific research and writing. 
This year I won the 2nd prize at the International Congress of  Medical Students in Poltava, Ukraine. I consider myself  a good motivator and that I will promote your congress in the best possible way. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a poor country but students really love science, and this is a great opportunity to motivate them to take research more seriously and write papers.

Photo Saaz Sahani.jpg


My name is Saaz Sahani and I'm a 5th-year medical student at Charles University in Prague. 

I'm incredibly passionate about medical science and clinical research and have attended a number of conferences in the last few years. It has been very rewarding to present my lab work, receive and share feedback and make new friendships. 

Being a part of the global medical student community is a very valuable portion of my undergraduate education in medicine. I wish I had started this journey earlier, which is why I hope to inspire young students to get involved. 

I have worked in Ambassador roles previously, at and iMed conference. I'm excited by the idea of meeting passionate students from around the world, both at the Ambassador team and at the conference.  

Photo Avichal Dani.PNG.png


First of all, congratulations for organising such an amazing conference every time over the past years. I must admit that I am always looking for such wonderful opportunities to be a part of such amazing international conferences. One gets to learn so many new things, meet new people, explore new places and much more. Having been Organising Chair of one of largest national UG medical conferences myself; which gets 1000-1500 registrations yearly, I can truly understand your position and appreciate your efforts. Hence, I believe I would be the perfect candidate to spread the word. 
Having been the ambassador of ISCOMS and IMSCB also, I was able to get about 10 abstract submissions from my batch itself and close to 20 from the college. I intend to do the same with AMSC, by promoting it to the fullest by utilising the student connections I have as a part of several medical student organisations such as MSAI-India, Indian Medical Association etc. 
If I become the ambassador, I wish to take this number even higher; not just the college or city, but the entire state and country. Apart from AMCON being a platform, there are annual grants given by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to selected research proposals. As many as 15 projects from my college get the ICMR approval every year. It is clear that the college is very much into research, with students undertaking projects as early as first year. So, I can definitely encourage my fellow students to present such distinguished projects at your conference.

Photo Darshini Shah.jpg


Respected Sir/Ma’am 
I am a third-year medical student from India. Right from the beginning of my medical school journey, I have always found learning and spreading awareness a very important part of medical curriculum.
My interest in academics and mass awareness encouraged me to become a local officer of SCOME (Standing Committee on Medical Education), MSAI. And to pursue a path towards medical research, education and well-being. Presently I have two original research papers and one case presentation. My journey with MSAI gave me numerous opportunities and moulded me to be better at interacting with many students and my juniors whom I could motivate to participate in awareness campaigns. And was fortunate enough to be a part of an online learning platform SCOMEdipedia were we united textbook and clinical knowledge and presented on the same platform.
I believe that more diversity better the ideas and progress, meeting new people in conferences paves the path of better interaction with people and more insight to the topic.
That is why I intend to motivate my colleagues and my juniors to participate in Antwerp medical conference so that they can attain the above-mentioned experiences and in future serve the society to best of their knowledge.

Photo Karan Sharma.jpg


I am a fourth-year medical student from India. Since the beginning of my medical school journey, I have always been fascinated and determined to learn new things.
My interest in academics and patient care encouraged me to pursue a path towards medical research. Presently I have three original research papers published and two ongoing researches. My journey in research and clinics also enabled me to interact with numerous people and my juniors, whom I could motivate to participate in research activities too.
However, I feel that exposure is the key to better understanding of subject and development of communication skills. Meeting new people in conferences paves the path of better interaction with people and more insight to the topic.
That is why I intend to motivate my colleagues and my juniors to participate in Antwerp medical conference so that they can attain the above-mentioned experiences and in future serve the society to best of their knowledge.

Photo Sajina Shrestha.jpeg


The research field has always been a place of interest for me. During this lockdown I got to know much about research. The innovative ideas presented through research have helped to get a milestone success in the medical field. Ideas confide within a boundary unless it is explored. And the best thing would be by being an ambassador. As a liaison between the congresses and region, I would get an opportunity to represent my perspective of medical culture internationally.
Moreover, I believe that we should share a common platform to represent our knowledge and perspective regarding the medical field through research. 
I believe that I would be an asset to your program. This post would provide me an ideal opportunity to assist your organization and to expand my research skills.

Photo Strahil Vasilev.jpg


My name is Strahil Vasilev and I am an enthusiastic student at the Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently in my fifth year of Medicine studies I am applying for one month internship in Hyogo Medical College, Japan with speciality – Internal  Medicine.  My first steps in the fields of Internal Medicine started back in my first year at the University. I have always wanted to know more, always thrived for excellence at what I do and so that I was reading about Internal Medicine even before we started studying it.

 My love for Medicine and Science has lead me through my studies, I have always believed that you should be highly motiated and  put everything you can in order to become a good doctor and that is what I have done through my first three years  of studies and that helped me to get and overall evaluation of - Excellent 6.00. The experience that I can gain there will  be something irreplacable. It will give me more practical knowledge and I will give my best -  all my attention, all my time and all that I have learned in Bulgaria. 

Two years ago, when I started my volunteer work at Acibadem City Clinic, Cardiovascular Center, I got keen on scientific work and research. Since then I am doing my writing and researching in all kinds of medicine fields, particularly in cardiology. I want to pursue my work and scientific interest and that is why I am applying for Ambassador. I will do my best and I won’t disappoint you.

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