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Active Participation: Plan


Active participants have to go through the preregistration page. You will receive an email confirming you completed this part of the registration process, once you have done so. 
We will then send your submitted abstract to our panel of judges. As soon as we receive their verdict we will inform you that your abstract was either accepted or not. 

If your abstract is accepted, the acceptance email will include a url link that will take you to the active registration page, where you can fulfill your payment. This is due before the start of the congress. 

If your abstract is not accepted, you can still choose to participate as a passive participant. In that case, you can register as a passive participant.

You can request an invitation letter for your visa application in the preregistration process. You will be given one a few days after you have been selected for active participation and you have purchased your tickets.
If you do need one sooner, please contact the AMSC secretaries.


You can find the presentation criteria by clicking on the button below.


Active participants (i.e. student presenters) will receive a certificate of active participation. Co-authors who will attend the congress, but won’t present the abstract, will receive a passive participation certificate. Co-authors who do not attend the congress, will not receive any certificate.


Oral presentation competition

1st place                                                                   €200,-/group

2nd place                                                                 €100,-/group

Poster presentation competition - Clinical fundamental and other

1st place                                                                   €100,-/group

2nd place                                                                 €75,-/group

Poster presentation competition - Case reports

1st place                                                                   €75,-/group


At the Antwerp Medical Students' Congress, we understand that attendance can be an expensive endeavor for some applicants. In an effort to facilitate intellectual and scientific development, we have decided to provide travel grants for a certain number of ​'Active participants'. As previously stated, an active participant is defined by presenting a research during the congress. 

The following rules have been set:

- We cover up to a maximum of 50% of your travel expenses
- The maximum amount to be granted is set at €300,-
- Travel grants will only be rewarded after actually attending the registered days
- The travel grant can be rewarded to a participant via bank transfer or in cash at the event

Application process
In order to apply for a Travel Grant please send an email with the subject 'TRAVEL GRANT' to with an attached PDF document containing the following details before the abstract submission deadline.

  1. Participant Name (same as in the abstract submission)

  2. Title of the Presenting Paper along with the Research Type

  3. Letter of Motivation: tell us why you need the Travel Grant and why you should get it. Also elaborate on your motivation to attend this edition of AMSC.

  4. The expected amount of your travel expenses: please provide us with your expected travel expenses. We would like to ask you to attach at least three booking offers to your application. To support as many participants as possible, we will use the cheapest fare to calculate your personal grant. Therefore, please be honest. 

The deadline of application is Sunday the 26th of June 2022 (11:59 p.m. CEST).

Please note that not all applications will be accepted. A selection will be made, based upon the application we received and the quality of the submitted abstract.

If you have questions regarding your visa application, please contact the AMSC secretaries!

If you find yourself in any trouble regarding your travel to the AMSC (flights, route etc.), please contact the AMSC Logistics with all your questions.

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