Refund regulations

Refunds on the following purchases can be accumulated:

1. Hostel: if you make sure you cancel your hostel reservation at least 3 weeks beforehand, we can refund you this money. We will have to subtract transaction costs.

2. Transportation ticket: if you, for any reason, are not coming to the AMSC, and let us know at least 3 weeks beforehand, we can refund this money. We will have to subtract transaction costs. 

3. Registration fee:

If you are an active participant, you have to pay in the process of submitting your abstract. We understand that this is a financial risk. Thus, we have decided on making it possible to apply for a refund if your abstract has been rejected. The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for such a refund.

  1. You are an active participant
  2. You must have paid for the first two active days (13th and 14th of September)
  3. Your abstract must have been rejected by our jury
  4. You do not want to attend the active days of the AMSC anymore (13th and 14th of September)

If you meet these criteria you can apply for a refund by sending an email to The following information must be included:

  • Your name
  • The name of your account on our website
  • The name of your abstract
  • Your proof of payment
  • Your bank account details, so an (inter)national transfer can be made

We will check if you qualify for the refund, and if so, we will refund your payment of €20,-. Please keep in mind that we have to subtract any transaction costs made in this process.

If you choose to attend the congress on the passive days we can provide this refund in cash at the registration desk. If you are planning on doing this, please include this in your email to our treasurer.