The winners of the AMSC 2015 are the following: 

Oral Presentations

1st  Evelyn Segaert : Study of the effect of a newly developed serine protease inhibitor on visceral hypersensitivity in a post-inflammatory rat model
2nd Roxana Flavia Ilies : The effect of XRCC3 DNA repair gene in lung cancer
3rd  Denise van der Graaff : The role of NO in hepatic pressure in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Posterwalk Case reports:

1st  Jelena Nišević : Ergospirometry in detecting diastolic heart failure in patients with arterial hypertension

Posterwalk Clinical fundamental study

1st  Camelia Alexandra Coada : Do polymorphisms in the vitamin D metabolic pathway increase the risk of lung cancer?              
2nd Akshay Narayan : Novel computer-based therapy enhances speech perception in Cochlear Implant users                
3rd Anniek Eerdekens and Okke Schoolmeesters : Tumor associated antigens in uterine cervical cancer, dysplasia and normal cervical epithelium 
                                                                                              Molecular markers for invasive uterine cervical cancer: systematic review