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These individuals help us share our congress with the broadest audience possible.

Want to join our ambassador programme and receive benefits for promoting our activities? We accept new applicants throughout most of the year, just submit an application by clicking the button below, and we'll get back to you!



Dr. Abdallah Albordaini, Palestinian Dentist

Specialized in Facial Aesthetic, International Speaker and lecturer authorised from Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine

Cofounder of Palestinian Association of Dental Students, President of Doctors for Your Sakes Organization.

AMSC for me means a new journey of success and achievement of new goals.

As ambassador AMSC is the right way to develop myself, joining the amazing committee, form new friendship, discover new culture, new connection with world  by exchange new ideas and experience.

I think AMSC will be the great chance to discover the amazing world when we gathering all efforts and doing hard to make it so amazing, AMSC is the host place of success and development.

Ashish Paul.jpg


I am Ashish Paul, completed my MBBS from Dhaka National Medical College, University of Dhaka.  During this pandemic, I got myself engaged in various International medical conferences, became an ambassador, and even did some research work. I am really grateful that I have become an ambassador of AMSC 2022 this year, adding even more thrill to my experience. I believe that sharing a common platform of medical science and research works will help us all to understand each other's perspective, culture, and practice of knowledge in medical science and research.  I have a huge interest in understanding medical topics, research work, and spreading this knowledge to people all around the world. International Conference is a platform to add my knowledge and broader my vision. Being an ambassador, it will be my honor to spread the message of the conference to my friends and fellow juniors in my medical college.

Dinushi Tennakoon.png


I'm Dinushi Tathsarani Tennakoon from Sri Lanka and currently studying at Tver State Medical University in Russia as a 6th-year medical student. My first research paper was about “Echolocation device to navigate around for visually impaired people” selected for the Top 20 from “Falling wall lab competition 2020 in Russia. So far I published 8 research papers and won “The Student Of The Year award” for the 2020 and 2021 years. I would like to do more research regarding innovative methods to improve medical treatments. I participated in several research conferences and I see AMSC as a special research conference that is trying to enlighten young scientists' futures. Therefore I would like to invite everyone to come and join AMSC to improve their research skills.

Ilayda Arslan.jpeg


  Hello everyone, 

  My name is Ilayda Arslan. I am a medical student from Ovidius University of Constanta in Romania. This year I started engaging in various congresses and research projects because as a future doctor I believe in improving myself and expanding my knowledge in every possible way. I have been involved in organising various events before and I am honoured to be part of AMSC 2022 edition. It is my first time being an AMSC Ambassador and I believe it is going to be a fulfilling, fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. If you are ready to learn and share your own experience with people from all over the world then please do not hesitate to join us in this year’s AMSC conference!  

Jen-Chi Ye.JPG


Hello! I am Dr. Zack from Taiwan. I have been to AMSC personally in 2021 and it was such an amazing experience! I really recommend this wonderful international medical student congress to everyone who is interested in research and learning new medical knowledge! See you at AMSC 2022!

Lazar Stošić.jpg


My name is Lazar Stošić, I am a 24 year old medical student, currently finishing my sixth year of studies at the Medical Faculty, University of Niš in Serbia. I am particularly interested in internal medicine as well as pediatrics. My hobbies include swimming, reading, watching films and I also enjoy travelling.  My favourite part of being an international ambassador is meeting new people and learning about different cultures and customs. Working with such a multicultural team in promoting an amazing conference such as AMSC is an amazing opportunity and I am grateful we will get the chance to be part of this experience.

Mariam Natsvlishvili v2.jpg


To "be the change that you wish to see in the world" is challenging but not impossible thing. I am Mariam, girl from Georgia, little country which sometimes by mistake is perceived as one of the state of USA. I am Mariam, from country with big history, deep traditions, diverse cultural characteristics, beautiful nature and very talented people, amongst with you will find many motivated people having blazing eyes and attitude to achieve their goals, which make their dreams come true. I am happy that you can also find me there, not only find but already given me that great chance to be one of the presentative. I'm 4th year student of New Vision University, recently work in American Hospital Tbilisi as Service + operator and Choir singer in Metekhi Orthodox Church, volunteering in Red Cross Georgia and in Beritashvili biomedical center, I am active member of Dandy student neurosurgical club Georgia, NVU LC in GMSA Committee for Human Rights and Peace. Medicine is a field where you should progress yourself all the time, step by step you are growing up and little bit closer to the aim- to take responsibility of saving others' lives or making it  better, where you should suit others shoes individually and never be bored with it, and if you will, you should find the strength of confession  and remotivation of yourself. Medical congresses and conferences are possibility to meet other people who has same interest as you, introduce your work, share knowledge and new approaches implementing into medicine. AMSC is one of the amazing congress I have participated in, memories awakens different kind of emotions and recalling of them is really big pleasure, I think you should try that experience at least once in your life.

Md Al Hasibuzzaman.JPG


My name is Dr. Md Al Hasibuzzaman. I am doing M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy) in Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Dhaka 

Previously, I was an AMSC ambassador for last editions, and I have to say that I was thrilled to promote AMSC in my country! I hope AMSC 2022 will be even more exciting and give me more experience.  

I always want to become a physician scientist. AMSC is a true inspiration for me. I can talk with lots of people, Know people in AMSC.  I want to work more research work and work with AMSC 

You can contact me in case of any research collaboration by email: 

Menna Marwan.jpg



I am Menna Marwan, fourth year medical stident at Faculty of Medicine - Port Said University, Egypt.

I am very excited to be part of this cool community, I have been looking for such an opportunity since I stepped my foot in medical school and I am glad it is finally here.

A lot of us, medical students, take" we don't have enough time" as an excuse not to engage in extracurricular activities. However, I think they are as important as your medical school grades. I was like that once, and I want to say that this is a big lie. Time is always there, you just don't see it. Watch your time closely, because you do have a lot of time that better be invested in learning and evolving.

Muhammad Fasih Ur Rahman.png


I'm Muhammad Fasih Ur Rahman, a student of Pharm. D from The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. I had performed my services at Faculty, University, National, and International Level Events and Designations.
I've been a debater at School, College, and University levels. I also remained the General Secretary of IUB Health and Safety Society For the term of 2021. Currently, I'm the Ambassador of the Young European Scientists Meeting (YES MEETING) at the University of Porto, Portugal, & the Ambassador of the Pakistan Youth Parliament - Health Council too. I'm also the National Executive Member of the G17 Ambassadors University Consortium. (G17 AUC). Moreover, I'm also working as a Design Editor in an International Magazine known as Novelmeds Magazine. Now, I'm aiming to work with AMSC, I hope I'll learn something new and exciting. I'm keen to start the journey.

Samuel Tuni.jpg


Hi, my name is Samuel Tuni, a final year medical student at the Ternopil National University(Ukraine). Researching and expanding my knowledge in health has always been my motivation. I started participating in Antwerp Medical Student Congress in 2017, 2018 and in 2019 I became an Ambassador. During the Covid era, I joined online thus 2020 and in 2021 I was there in person.

        It has always been a pleasure to assist my colleagues and other people from different cities to participate because of the knowledge and skills AMSC provides.

        I will encourage young researchers and students all over the world to participate in the AMSC to extend and share ideas for a better future. 

Vanja Tatalovic.jpg



I am a 6th year medical student from Serbia. Right from the beginning of my medical school journey, I have always been interested in science. I'm incredibly passionate about clinical research and have attended a number of conferences in the last few years. Studying medicine has really made me realize how important is to constantly upgrade your knowledge and to keep up with research results in order to be able to provide great medical care. Being a part of the global medical student community is a very valuable portion of my undergraduate education in medicine. I wish I had started this journey earlier, which is why I hope to inspire young students to get involved. I am honored to be a part of this great organisation as an ambassador. This is an amazing opportunity to learn something new, to improve knowledge and communication skills and to meet people with similar interests! 

See you @ AMSC!

Zahra Mansouri.jpg


Hello everyone, my name is Zahra Mansouri; I am a Pharmacist and researcher with a Pharm.D degree (Doctorate of Pharmacy) in the Hamadan University of Medical Sciences. My first and best experience was to be an ambassador of AMSC congress. AMSC is not just an excellent opportunity to present research; It allows you to gain new friendships with people worldwide with different cultures. I should say that AMSC is one of the a top-ranking student medical congress. If you want to participate in one of the most outstanding student congresses worldwide and gain new scientific experiences, I highly recommend attending AMSC 2022. If you have any question, contact me as soon as possible

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